mj2.jpgWhile I spent most of my early life living in Toronto, Ontario, I have spent much time traveling around the world. One of my greatest joys is spending time outdoors, especially skiing. After living in the Alps for a winter, one of my life wishes was to live and work near mountains; my other  was to be close to water. Several years ago I moved to Vancouver, the answer to my dreams.

While searching for my home, I became enthralled with real estate. I decided to become a Realtor.

Prior to working in real estate, I owned and operated an art gallery and gift boutique. My experience in promotions and merchandising successfully positions a property for the best exposure to the market. As a small business retail owner, I worked extensively with the public creating an effective communication style, allowing me to maximize opportunities.     

My creative background includes a degree in Applied Arts in Photography from Ryerson University. Needless to say, the visual representation of your property is excellent. My visual training also enables me to quickly interpret the attributes of real estate, whether buying or selling.

Previous education also includes a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Economics from the University of Western Ontario. This training taught me how to look at the big picture of real estate as an investment. I am a close follower of statistics, market forces and trends.

I also have a keen interest in technology, its impact on how business is conducted and how a society communicates. As a Realtor I am at the forefront of utilizing technology to sell real estate.

When I am not immersed in the world of real estate I can be found outdoors enjoying the incredible West Coast and discovering the treasures of Vancouver.



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